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Advanced Image Processing and Data Matching

Ensure the accurate capture of bills through the patented Virtual ReScan (VRS) technology, which greatly improves data extraction precision by de-skewing the image, separating the image from the background, and cleaning the image by removing artifacts, such as shadows

Open Mobile Platform and Support for Multiple Use Cases

Optimize your investment and deploy an app that can support multiple use cases, drive revenue, improve customer engagement and differentiate you from the competition. Extend the application to support capturing of documents and data, for any engagement scenario, from the same platform (mortgage documents, etc.)

Real-Time Data Extraction

Deliver transaction results to customers in near-real time, improving response intervals and better engaging customers. The real-time data extraction technology extracts, corrects and perfects relevant data from multiple fields, including payee name, address, account number, amount due and due date

Accurate, High-Quality Image Capture on the First Attempt

Eliminate the typical imaging challenges that can often affect the user experience (and effectiveness of the app). Auto-capture APIs control the device’s focus, flash, shutter, and more to ensure each image is captured correctly the first time, every time

Actionable Analytics for Mobile Performance

Gain actionable insights into accuracy and performance of users, devices and documents. Pre-built analytics dashboards help you measure and track the effectiveness of your mobile bill pay solution, with one-touch drill-down capabilities that provide deeper insights into feature use (including a 360-degree view of each transaction)

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