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Capture Bill Documents Correctly the First Time

Eliminate the imaging challenges that can affect the user experience and the effectiveness of the mobile bill pay app. Since high-quality images are created using patented image processing and data-matching technology, bill data is captured correctly on the customer’s first attempt.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Decrease Defection to Competition

Significantly improve customer response times, and provide results of transactions in near real-time. By increasing customer confidence, you can develop brand loyalty; customers who utilize automatic bill pay through their banks are less likely to switch institutions, resulting in increased revenue.

Optimize Your Investment by Supporting Multiple Use Cases

Extend the application to support capturing of documents and data for any engagement scenario, from the same platform (mortgage documents, etc.). Deploy an app that can handle multiple use cases and offers your customers the range of services and functionality they expect, differentiating you from the competition.

Cut Costs by Eliminating Your Reliance on Back Office Resources

Quickly extract the required data automatically without the additional time and expense of back office resources that have been traditionally tasked with manually securing the required data.

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