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Kofax mobiFlow

Customers expect to do business with you at any time, from anywhere. But it’s hard for most businesses to develop mobile apps fast enough to keep pace with evolving customer preferences.

Kofax mobiFlow is a mobile capture and image processing development kit helping businesses keep up with changing customer expectations. It uses a smartphone or tablet to capture, parse, recognize and process any document. From multi-page documents to ID cards, invoices, sales orders, credit cards, checks or forms, mobiFlow powers the applications you build with capture that simplifies and streamlines the workflow of document management.

“Consolidate channels, focus on mobile imaging platforms and avoid one-off mobile imaging apps unless they can be integrated to a platform” and “consider projects that combine mobile with other channels, such as branch-based or online-banking-based services, giving customers more flexibility.“

Embed and use mobile capture in any mobile app

Reduce user errors with automatic capture

Control image quality at the source and reduce downstream costs

Optimize the user experience with on-device optical character recognition (OCR)

Get New Mobile Services to Market Faster

Give customers and stakeholders the ability to use their smartphones and tablets as a high-performance capture and processing
device. mobiFlow is ideal for:

Mobile Enrollment

Avoka built a high-speed online enrollment that cut ting form-fill attrition rates in half for banking customers

Mobile Check Deposit

A British multinational banking and financial services company now offers the option to photograph and deposit checks electronically

Mobile Bill Pay

Bank of the West offers customers a convenient and accurate
“scan-to-pay” mobile bill pay solution

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