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Advanced Invoice Capture

Industry-leading multichannel capture automatically captures invoices, extracts the data and delivers it to Oracle EBS, regardless of invoice format (PDF, scan, email, e-invoice, etc.)

HTLM5-Based User Experience

MarkView 10.0 implements HTML5 for all user based web interactions, improving productivity and overall user satisfaction.

Best-Practice Workflows

Eliminate communication bottlenecks and unnecessary steps while streamlining processes, strengthening internal controls and simplifying the audit process

Real-Time, Certified Integration with Oracle EBS

Tight integration with Oracle EBS offers increased ROI, consistency in processing, and a single point of truth

Mobile Access

Take action on a document, such as approving an invoice or routing for comment from your smartphone, computer or any other supported mobile device

Complete Transaction-Level Backup

All invoice documentation, including electronic invoices and EDI transactions, is associated with the ERP record for increased visibility

Actionable Analytics

Integrated Analytics offer real-time information about invoice processing activity for more informed decision making

Supplier Interaction

Suppliers can submit and check on the status of invoices through an integrated self-service web portal

Online Documentation Option

An option to downloading is provided to access hosted documentation; allowing for timely updates and universal accessibility

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