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Kofax iRemit

Managing timely payments information for customer service, working capital management, auditing and regulatory compliance is an increasingly difficult challenge. Manual and semi-automated accounts receivable (AR) systems – and traditional lockbox processing systems – are not enough.

Kofax iRemit is a cloud-based platform for banks and third-party lockbox providers to help customers improve remittance data management – all in a highly secure and compliance environment.

iRemit provides the anytime anywhere access to payments and remittance information that businesses need for working capital management, customer service and compliance and control.

Kofax iRemit enables businesses to:

Scale Down

Reduce operations costs


Increase employee productivity


Improve information quality and compliance


Enhance customer service and business value

Banks and third-party lockbox providers can use Kofax iRemit to:

  • Differentiate their services
  • Strengthen existing customer relationships
  • Generate new revenue streams
  • Attract customers from lucrative markets
  • Preserve the lockbox franchise

4/5 & 2/3

Used by four of the five top U.S. banks and two of the three largest U.S. third-party lockbox providers


50+ billion remittance documents processed

$360 Billion

$360 billion worth of receivables transactions per year

Manage Receivables Information with Security, Scalability, Compliance and Control

iRemit enables distributed access to payments and remittance information and offers a robust toolset for AR processing:

ACH Processing

Store, manage and retrieve ACH information in a centralized location.

Customer Service

Improve customer service with features like exceptions decisioning, search, item maintenance, data exchange with other systems and reporting.


Stay compliant with integrated HIPAA, PCI, BSA, FFIEC and SSAE 16 compliance standards.

High Reliability and Security

Trust our fully redundant architecture with automated failover and secure hierarchical user access, industry-leading audit tracking and reporting.

Flexible and Scalable

Configure user experience, workflows and business rules and load hundreds of millions of images each month.

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