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Plug-n-Play Integration

Invoice Portal™ seamlessly integrates with your ERP, capture and workflow software using standardized xml -formats

Intuitive Onboarding Tool

Easily invite supplier/buyers to send and receive e-invoices and get real-time feedback when they answer

Automatic Sorting

Automatically route e-invoices to the correct departments within the organization (multiple recipient support included); PO and GE invoices are also automatically sorted and multiple recipient rules can be applied for each recipient within the organization

Reduce IT Costs with a True SaaS Solution

Invoice Portal is available in the cloud 24/7, so all users are always on the latest version meaning expensive upgrade projects are not needed and system upgrades are deployed without system interruptions.

Automatic Validation

The solution checks for valid invoice content either by Master Data control or format validation and routes rejections of faulty invoices to the sender

Smart Reference Validation

The solution verifies reference codes, ensures correct references on your invoices and eliminates the need to manually correct errors in the workflow

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