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Connect Once Reach All

In e-invoicing there are a number of different languages, for example XML, edifact and X12, and a multitude of formats such as UBL, Finvoice, Svefaktura, ZUGFeRD, XRechnung and so on. For a single company to support and maintain all of these is virtually impossible and very expensive.

As Invoice Portal is ERP agnostic, it allows you to handle all e-invoices in one unified format, which means you can connect with anyone without having to care about the language they speak or the format they use.

Available for Everyone

Invoice Portal is scaled to fit any size customer, allowing small businesses to manually create and send an invoice on the web or enterprise customers to automatically handle millions of transactions through ERP integration.

Instant Control

Suppliers and buyers can easily see the status of an invoice, resulting in more control and improved supplier/buyer relationship.

With e-invoicing both the invoice document and status are delivered almost instantly.

Immense savings can be achieved since suppliers will no longer have to call their customers asking about invoice status—it is all communicated automatically through the service. All of this is possible because Invoice Portal is ERP agnostic.

Certified PEPPOL Access Point

Invoice Portal is part of a global network.

PEPPOL enables trading partners to exchange electronic documents over the PEPPOL network (based on a four corner model).

As a certified access point, Invoice Portal provides access to the entire PEPPOL network with no extra cost.

Invoice Portal is connected to other public networks as well, such as NemHandel, ELMA, TIEKE and Chorus Portail Pro as well as 50+ roaming agreements with other operators.

Improve Data Quality and Reduce Manual Operations

Invoice Portal delivers structured electronic data directly to your ERP without requiring manual verification, allowing you to achieve a touch less process even for line items.

Since validations, exceptions and rejections can be handled automatically in Invoice Portal, no operator needs to manually validate and correct the invoice data before it is posted in the ERP or workflow.

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