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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence models and Intelligent Automation are being used by enterprises to streamline and improve business operations. AI-powered Intelligent Automation is capable of supporting problems associated with data-centric manual tasks that are time consuming and costly. These challenges reduce information visibility and enterprise agility, swell operational costs, and slow customer response and resolution times.

Organizations can make manual tasks and document-based processes more efficient by using Kofax Intelligent Automation, which combines RPA and cognitive document automation using advanced AI technology.

Transform information intensive business processes

By leveraging Kofax’s AI capabilities, organizations can broaden the scope of automation workflows with data analysis, prediction, perception, prescription and reasoning. These solutions enhance business efficiencies while making employee’s lives easier and more satisfying. Kofax is the only Intelligent Automation solution with patented AI technology that integrates natively with advanced RPA, process orchestration, and cognitive document automation.

Machine Learning of Documents and Data

With unsupervised leaning, Intelligent Automation can preform document clustering, classification, and separation, OCR, and information extraction.

Natural Language Processing of Emails and Unstructured Content

Assemble, analyze, and automate text, chat and voice inputs; helping drive better understanding of the content and sentiment of unstructured documents (like emails, letters and contracts) so humans don’t have to intervene.

Document and Data Exports

Export documents and data to common ECM and ERP systems – without the need to write and maintain integration code. Kofax’s Intelligent Automation platform includes pre-built connectors to common systems and its native RPA can help reach systems that lack exposed APIs.

Process Intelligence

Process discovery and analytics help identify automation opportunities and track performance across classification and extraction rates, user productivity, and costs per documents and per channel.

Entity Extraction & Sentiment Analysis

Eliminate the manual effort required to read and interpret language-based communications such as emails, legal documents, social media posts, customer support inquiries, and more. This AI can help you interpret text meaning, monitor social media trends and customer opinions, and enhance decision making with a greater understanding of intent.

Intelligent Screen Recognition (ISA)

ISA increases image recognition capabilities for Citrix and other remote desktop environments to improve robot design effectiveness. Robots can capture an image of a screen and dynamically locate and identify UI elements such as labels, buttons, and text boxes.

Why Kofax for AI-Powered Intelligent Automation?

Kofax provides one of the strongest solutions in the market today. With strengths in OCR, broader Process Automation, as well as AI-ML-NLP, Kofax is the only single-source vendor for Intelligent Automation.

  • Market leading RPA, process orchestration, advanced analytics and patented AI-powered cognitive document automation
  • Superior enterprise scalability – the only automation platform that is deployed on servers, not on desktops
  • Kofax has received market leadership recognition by leading industry analysts including Forrester, Gartner and IDC.

Kofax’s AI solutions provide powerful end-to-end process automation that orchestrates processes, business rules, errors and exceptions, and human-based decision making, while delivering comprehensive process analytics. Request a demo or trial.



Whether in the field or the office, capture images or any text-based document



Handle entire processes without human intervention, streamlining manual and data centric processes



Reduce manual work and leverage your current technology investments with integration to your core systems



Advance your organization’s digital transformation by freeing staff from manual tasks to focus on servicing customers more effectively

Get Started with Intelligent Automation

Getting started with Kofax’s AI-powered Intelligent Automation platform is easy. Whether you need help identifying business use cases or already know what you need to automate, our experts can help you. Kofax offers an assessment or free trial to help you win faster with Intelligent Automation.

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