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Combined Risk Score

Distinguish between real suspect versus good items to identify potential fraud and reduce false positives; leverage layered verification strategies for high, medium and low risk items

Real-Time Check Verification

Verify checks of any amount or accept higher deposit limits and make decisions in real time; perform fraud detection on over-the-counter items before posting—funds become available instantly

Flexible Orchestration of Fraud Detection Methods

Respond faster to changing paths of fraud attempts with the ability to switch from one fraud analysis engine to another depending on the type of fraud you are trying to mitigate

Customizable to your Specific Requirements

Utilize provided signature verification, check stock and combined risk score engine; build your own customized rule set or add a variety of verification engine options to detect pre-authorized drafts, payee line and date line verification

Easy Integration with Existing Systems

Plug into your existing frameworks for improved fraud detection and prevention; utilize any number of external inputs to enhance the combined risk score result

Numerous Implementation Options

Implement automatic check fraud detection for mobile devices, image- enabled ATMs or teller deposits of in-house checks

E-signature Capture

Capture and populate the signature reference database with Kofax SignDoc; capture handwritten signatures on tablets at the teller to refresh the database with signatures from current processes

Reporting Dashboards

View pre-built dashboards for quick, easy access to your overall fraud threat and fraud detection metrics; enhance standard reports to create unique dashboards that feature a full implementation of Kofax Insight

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