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Personal Communications

Use client information and profiles to compose personal and customer-driven documents; combine data from various sources to tailor communications; standard documents can be personalized within the framework of the template and edited in a word processing program

Browser-Based, Interactive Document Composition

Leverage web-based wizards for document composition that enable users to select text and content elements and enter additional data not available from an application

Back-End Batch and On-Demand Document Composition

Produce batches of documents or documents on-demand in real time without user interaction based on application data via a server-based communications engine

Scalable Single Platform

Scale for each of your document processes—from simple renewals to complex, personalized quotations; templates and other building blocks are stored and versioned in one central database and a complete audit trail is built of all content and template changes


Re-purpose a document for a different channel while maintaining the same content and look and feel or use it to generate alternative content and formats for different delivery channels


Update your style and brand information easily and apply to your documents based on data and business rules; a single template can support all brands

Industry-Standard Authoring Tools

Integrate with standard word processing application Microsoft Word with full use of it’s features

End-to-end Intelligent Automation

Integrate with Kofax TotalAgility™ to enable on-demand and interactive document generation from TotalAgility workflows, expanding dynamic case management and outbound enterprise communications capabilities; turn any communications into full digital transactions and eliminate the need for paper through out-of-the-box integration with Kofax SignDoc™ e-signature capabilities

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