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Lower Total Cost of Ownership with a Scalable Platform

Reduce your costs by leveraging an IT environment based on virtualization with a highly reliable and scalable communication platform that meets the increasing demand for automated communication. Highly flexible with open interfaces and a developer API, Kofax Communication Server allows you to integrate non-standard applications to extend your return on investment.

Ensure Secure, Electronic Document Delivery

Eliminate the need for a complex infrastructure with storage on a secure (SSL) server that encrypts emails. Ensure all paper-based documents (including faxes) can be sent via email and comply with legal requirements through secure document delivery (SDD) capabilities.

Maximize ERP Effectiveness by Integrating All Information

Automatically integrate all information into your ERP system, including faxes, SMS, emails or voicemail messages. Process and transmit communications to users or other systems so you can leverage your ERP’s full potential.

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