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Organizations that work like tomorrow employ cognitive capture to intelligently automate the acquisition, understanding and integration of all types of information across an organization, including unstructured data in documents and emails. Through cognitive document automation (CDA), which combines multichannel document capture (including mobile) and intelligent OCR, users have the power to quickly and accurately process any document of importance to any business.

Organizations can augment cognitive capture with robotic process automation (RPA) and other "smart" capabilities such as process orchestration, analytics, communications and e-signature―all within a single, unified Intelligent Automation platform. Customers can deploy a comprehensive business workflow that manages and optimizes all document and data capture tasks to enable lower operational costs and improved customer engagement.

Cognitive Capture

Modernize slow, manual, error-prone or expensive processes related to processing documents and electronic data.

Kofax Capture

Optimize the way you capture, process and leverage all types of documents and information across your organization and from virtually any location.

Kofax Transformation

Transform any and all documents into useful electronic business information.

Kofax VRS Elite

Automatically enhance the quality of scanned images for more precise data downstream.

Kofax Express

Capture, index and export images and data via a powerful, all-in-one system.


Employ high-performance imaging libraries to build market-leading document capture, viewing, scanning and processing applications.

Kofax OmniPage

Instantly turn paper and digital documents into files you can edit, search and share securely.

Kofax Mobile Capture Platform

Enhance the customer experience with dynamic, real-time mobile engagement.

Kofax Mobile Capture SDK

Turn smartphones and tablets into advanced document-capture devices.

Kofax Mobile Bill Pay

Empower customers to easily and accurately capture bill data, while adding payees to your automatic bill pay system.

Kofax Mobile Credit and Debit Card

Enable frictionless mobile account funding and payments with snap-and-pay technology.

Kofax Mobile Deposit Capture

Enable customers to quickly and accurately capture and deposit checks using a mobile device.

Kofax AutoStore

Securely enable automated and compliant document capture workflows

Kofax eCopy

Capture and process documents seamlessly to automate workflows and increase productivity

Kofax eFlow

An integrated workflow engine that automates document-driven business operations end-to-end.

Kofax mobiFlow

Power, simplify and streamline the workflow of document management.