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Support for Multiple Organizations

Configure and administer multiple organizational and business unit hierarchies; an organization may have multiple business units to align with targeted ERP hierarchical structures

Role based User Management

Easily create administrators, resources and groups, as well as multiple organizational and business unit hierarchies with customizable roles and privileges

Automated AP Workflows

Automatically processes all invoices validated by Invoice Processing Agility, calculates invoice due dates, discount due dates, reprioritizes, processes exceptions, duplicates and cancellations

Workflow Customization

Validation, coding, approval, exception handling and invoice exporting processes can be customized before or after the process and in some cases replaced (e.g. exception handling)

General Ledger (GL) Coding

Supports GL segment structures such as company, division, unit, cost center and transaction type

ERP or Multiple ERPs

Integrate seamlessly with multiple ERPs through configuration guidelines for mapping, exporting and importing supporting ERP data

Integrated Actionable Analytics

Reports and dashboards deliver comprehensive and detailed views of invoice processing time, invoices coming due, workloads and exceptions

Integrated with Kofax Invoice Processing Agility

Supports intelligent extraction, classification, validation and exporting of PO and non-PO invoices, credit notes, utility invoices, material invoices and service invoices.

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