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Pre-built analytics dashboard

Gain instant valuable insights into your Kofax mobile capture solution and frameworks from day one without the need to develop costly custom dashboards from scratch

One-touch drill down

Highly visual, simple, yet powerful interactive dashboards support one-touch drill down to quickly surface more detailed information

Supports SDK and Frameworks 

Available for Kofax Mobile Capture SDK, Kofax Mobile ID, Kofax Mobile Deposit Capture, Kofax Mobile Credit and Debit Card, and Kofax Mobile Bill Pay

Key performance metrics

Your most important data is easily interpreted via informative graphs and actionable buttons

Complete 360-degree visibility

Total visibility into each transaction allows your development, QA and tech support teams to facilitate testing and troubleshooting

Plug-and-play compatibility

Easy integration with our Mobile SDK and frameworks delivers immediate and actionable insights to your team from day one of your mobile deployment

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