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Self-Service Customizable Dashboards 

Kofax Analytics for CaptureTM enables the customization of reports and dashboards by business users without the need for custom scripting or coding

Robust Out-of-the-Box Metrics and Reporting 

More than 100 pre-defined metrics and over 100 reports provide granular insight about all critical multichannel and advanced capture processes 

Workflow Analytics, Classification and Processing Time Views 

Intuitively measure process workflows, classification accuracy and document processing time for a true measure of operational efficiency

Objective Performance Monitoring 

Improved analytics mean that human operators, business processes and software performance can be objectively monitored

Enterprise Scalability 

Easily access and consolidate data on the fly from multiple Kofax CaptureTM installations, and also leverage Kofax Insight, included in Kofax Process Intelligence, to extend the initial investment to additional data sources, departments and lines of business for greater ROI

Roles-Based Security 

Apply security settings based on user roles and contextual data rights to avoid exposing sensitive information

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