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Harness Control and Improve Responsiveness 

Uncover meaningful and reliable insights through data visualization and manipulation to improve decision making for better business outcomes. With a single click, filter the number of batches and documents by batch class or document type to identify any process bottlenecks. 

Maximize Data Extraction and Document Classification Productivity

Reveal per document, per field, per user accuracy and productivity rates when extracting document data. Kofax Analytics for CaptureTM allows you to drill into reports for a definitive view into the cause and effect driving lower than expected accuracy so you can make corrections without hesitation. You’ll also monitor document classification benchmark results to isolate document exceptions that could undermine downstream system performance. 

Measure Costs and Forecast Improvement Measures with Accuracy

Learn how information flows through your operations and what the associated cost is to handle it from receipt through export. Make accurate forecasts and estimates for how data capture software improvements can potentially improve overall operational performance. 

Share Analytical Insights, Securely

Apply roles-based rights to specific data metrics to allow key decision makers to access the right reports securely and within compliance rules. 

Extend Your Analytical Capabilities without Limitation 

Kofax Analytics for Capture is built on the Kofax InsightTM platform, enabling the customization of reports and dashboards by business users without intervention from overtaxed IT departments. This increases usability, information accessibility and flexibility for operations decision makers, while reducing the solution’s total cost of ownership.

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