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Closing the distance between your customers and your organization is the smoothest path toward a positive outcome for any high-value journey—such as the onboarding of new customers, the processing of claims, or the provisioning of products and services in almost any industry.

Low-friction, self-service processes at key human touchpoints—such as allowing customers to use their mobile device to open an account or file a claim—are the key to meeting customers on their terms and building satisfaction and long-term loyalty to your business.

What are TotalAgility Frameworks? TotalAgility Frameworks enable organizations to digitize and accelerate individual touchpoints in high-value customer journeys—from the opening of a new account at a bank to the processing of claims at an insurance company.

Through the digitization of inbound and outbound documents and communications, automation of previously manual tasks and removal of lag between touchpoints, banks, insurance companies and other organizations can accelerate customer journeys toward a positive result, efficiently engaging customers, suppliers and other persons and systems.

Ready to power high-value customer journeys in your organization? Let’s get started.

Customer Onboarding

Your onboarding experience will face comparisons to those of popular online retail and entertainment platforms—and customers will expect to connect with you anytime, anywhere, and through a multitude of channels and devices. Deploy a framework that offers a unique combination of mobile access, omnichannel document and information capture/extraction, self-service options, workflow automation and optimization, information integration capabilities and analytics—across all channels and throughout the entire onboarding process.

Claims Processing

Most claims processes are an inefficient combination of manual and digital steps spread over a variety of systems, resulting in increased latency between end-to-end journey touchpoints—and decreased visibility into claim progress or bottlenecks. Digitize claims processes through a framework that enables more claims to be handled with fewer people and greater accuracy, while employing best-practice operational analytics for better compliance.

TotalAgility Frameworks

TotalAgility Frameworks enable organizations to accelerate touchpoints in high-value customer journeys.