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Digital Transformation

Digitize the multiple touchpoints customers encounter in their journey through a business process.

TotalAgility Platform >

Transform information-intensive customer interactions via a unified digital transformation platform.

Robotic Process Automation

Automate tasks to eliminate errors and deliver 100% data accuracy at a fraction of the time and cost.

Kofax Kapow >

Efficiently acquire, process and deliver information from virtually any application or data source—without the need for coding.

Information Capture

Accelerate business processes by transforming all types of documents into actionable information.

Multichannel Capture >

Convert paper and electronic documents into usable information for your business systems and processes.

Transformation >

Automate the understanding of documents and convert them into useful, electronic business information.

VRS Elite >

Automatically enhance the quality of scanned images for increased productivity and better data.

Kofax Express >

Capture, index and export images and data with a powerful, all-in-one, easy-to-use system.

Atalasoft >

High performance imaging libraries to help software developers build document capture, viewing, scanning, and processing applications.

Mobile Capture

Deploy any mobile capture use case from a single, open platform, and engage customers anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Capture Platform >

The Kofax Mobile Capture Platform turns mobile devices into information capture devices.

Mobile Capture SDK >

Ensure your mobile app produces high-quality images and accurate data extraction every time

Mobile ID and Verification >

Kofax Mobile ID and Verification enables fast, frictionless onboarding.

Mobile Bill Pay >

Kofax Mobile Bill Pay empowers your customers to easily and accurately capture bill data.

Mobile Credit and Debit Card >

Enable customers to take a photo of their payment card to fund a bank account or pay a business.

Mobile Deposit Capture >

Accurately capture check images and customer account information via a mobile app.

Financial Process Automation

Streamline end-to-end financial processes and boost productivity, reduce costs and increase data visibility.

AP Agility >

Transform accounts payable with an enterprise-level intelligent invoice and workflow automation solution.

ReadSoft Process Director for SAP >

Automate financial processes in SAP.

ReadSoft Supplier Portal >

Extend invoice processing automation with a cloud-based self-service supplier portal.

ReadSoft Invoices >

Easily automate the scanning, interpreting and filing of data for all invoices, no matter the format.

ReadSoft Invoice Portal >

Cloud-based e-invoicing solution and certified PEPPOL access point for sending and receiving e-invoices.

ReadSoft Online >

Accurately capture, extract and validate invoice data with a cloud-based accounts payable solution.

MarkView for Oracle >

Automate invoice processing and accounts payable operations in Oracle E-Business Suite.

Invoice Processing Agility >

Transform accounts payable with an enterprise-level invoice processing solution.

Optitrade >

Optimize trade management for financial services institutions.

Process Intelligence

Achieve operational excellence with process intelligence and business analytics software.

Analytics for Capture >

Gain greater visibility into document capture and processing performance.

Analytics for TotalAgility >

Analyze business process efficiency with operational metrics and best-practice dashboards.

Analytics for MarkView >

Access advanced accounts payable analytics and process intelligence.

Analytics for Mobile >

Gain insight into the effectiveness of your Mobile Capture, Bill Pay, ID and Deposit apps.

Robotic Process Intelligence >

Monitor and optimize the operational efficiency of your robotic process automation software.

Insight >

Achieve true process intelligence with in-depth visibility and understanding of your operational performance and compliance.

Monitor >

Monitor, assess and manage the operational health of your Kofax systems.

Customer Communications

Create personal communications for better customer engagement while ensuring secure, reliable exchange of messages across inbound and outbound channels.

Customer Communications Manager >

Engage and interact with your customers in the manner they prefer with personal communications.

Communication Server >

Kofax Communication Serverâ„¢ automates and ensures reliable exchange of business critical messages between people, applications and devices by integrating your inbound and outbound communication channels.

E-signature and Verification

Enable end-to-end business process digitization with electronic signatures and combat check fraud in real time by leveraging a robust combined risk score.

SignDoc >

Enable end-to-end business process digitization with electronic signatures and transform the customer experience.

FraudOne >

Detect check fraud in real time with an image-based solution and a robust combined risk score.