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OEM Technologies

Save valuable development resources and get to market faster by leveraging our mature, industry-leading technology and expertise. If your customers demand functionality that falls outside of your core competencies, or you have a vision for a product that exceeds your in-house development capabilities, count on Kofax for proven technology and the support of a complete team of developers, industry specialists and solution designers.

With over 20 years of development behind it, Kofax technology keeps your product current, compliant and ready to meet your customers’ needs. Kofax OEM technologies include:

  • Kofax Capture Mobile SDK™ captures and delivers optimized images either as a standalone application repurposed into your own intellectual property (e.g. account transfer or balance transfer) or with our pre-built solutions, or Frameworks, that extract information in real-time from identity documents, bills, payment cards, and checks. Mobile SDK flexible solutions help get you to market faster, and can be modified and extended easily based on your specific needs.
  • The Kofax RPA robotic process automation and integration platform is the fastest and most efficient way to acquire, enhance and deliver information from virtually any application or data source, including websites and portals, desktop applications, and enterprise systems—all without any coding.

Leverage Our Market-Leading Technology

Learn more about how your organization can go to market faster with Kofax OEM technologies. Contact Us today.