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Global Partner Program

Differentiating your company from the competition, creating new revenue streams and driving productivity and customer loyalty are keys to business success. With Kofax as your partner, you have access to industry-leading process automation solutions, marketing support and training that will power your business forward.

Our strategic approach to partnering centers on building a relationship with you as a valued and respected part of our inner circle. The Kofax Global Partner Program is designed to help you win business in new markets, expand opportunities in existing ones, and provide exceptional ROI to customers.

Kofax offers a tiered program structure with benefits that increase as you increase your revenue commitment, product knowledge and technical expertise. Program requirements are structured to recognize your investment in and contribution to delivering solutions that drive joint success. The higher the partnership tier, the greater the combined commitment and collaborative resources to achieve and sustain the partnership momentum.

Hands-On Training and Demo Software

Not-for-Resale Software is issued to partners for use at partner training facilities, briefing centers and to demonstrate product functionality to prospects and customers.

Technical Training and Certification

Keep your skills sharp with our award-winning training, delivered by Kofax staff at headquarters or regional training facilities or online.

Join Our Inner Circle

Power your business to the next level with the Kofax Global Partner Program. Contact us for additional information on which program best fits your business.