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Mind the Gap: Bridge These 12 Financial Process Gaps with Robotic Process Automation

Whether you’re at 10 percent or 90 percent business process automation, you can mind the financial gaps with robotic process automation (RPA). RPA is emerging as a key technology to take your financial process automation (FPA) to the next level of optimization and accuracy.


Transforming Customer Engagement: Making First Impressions Last

While you can’t make customers like you, you can change those moments of engagement they encounter along the way that impact their experience. And the key to doing this successfully is by engaging them when, where and how they want.


Engaging Government and Agency Constituents

This eBook makes the case that program enrollment is a government agency’s most important constituent engagement. It guides the reader through a 7-step assessment of their current program enrollment capabilities, and it offers proactive solutions for creating a better program enrollment experience.


Start Your Intelligent Automation Journey with RPA and Process Intelligence

This eBook reveals the six steps to take to transform your operations with robotic process automation and process intelligence and revolutionize the way you operate, innovate and grow your business.


Removing Obstacles to Customer Onboarding

Your audience is changing, are you changing with them? If you want to improve your conversion rates when onboarding customers, this report is for you.




How to Win with Mobile: Transform Property & Casualty and Life with an Omnichannel Experience

Mobile technology continues to transform the way insurers engage with policyholders. To win in this competitive environment, you need to employ a future-ready mobile solution that meets your business goals as well as the ever-changing expectations of your customers.


Three Ways Not to Lose an Insurance Customer

Whether it’s applying for a new policy or filing a claim, customer interactions are where the battle for lifetime brand loyalty begins. Customers expect ease of use, intuitive, self-service, fast response and visibility into the process.


Paperwork and the Government Agency

Securely capture and transform paper documents into data that can connect front-end process with legacy systems across departments and locations.


Streamline the Insurance Application Process and Win Policyholders

Applicant onboarding is a make or break opportunity for insurance organizations. While it’s always been important to make the process intuitive and easy for new customers, the advent of digitization makes expediting this key process even more critical.