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White Paper: Securing the Digital Workforce

The topic of securing the digital workforce is more relevant than ever. Identities used by automation to access sensitive systems and applications must be managed in a like manner to people.


Guiding Principles on the Journey to Intelligent Automation

Discover how Kofax and Cognizant have teamed up to offer a proven intelligent automation framework and standards for a successful digital transformation.


White Paper: Migrating business users to an Alternative PDF Solution

Convincing employees to start using a new software tool – even one that will make them more productive - is a tall order. The interface looks different. There are new features to learn. But with Kofax Power PDF, making the switch is easier than you think.


White Paper: Reduce IT Infrastructure Costs with the Right PDF Solution

How to Choose the Right PDF Solution to improve worker productivity and reduce IT infrastructure costs


Extend Intelligent Automation with AI to Create More Frictionless Customer Experiences

This white paper illustrates how the combination of Cognigy Conversational AI and Kofax Intelligent Automation empowers organizations to deliver faster, more personalized and engaging service to customers.


White Paper: Find Hidden Budget Dollars with PDF Software

Learn how Kofax Power PDF Advanced improves productivity, reduces risks and makes clients happier


White Paper: Sign, Send & Share Business Documents with Kofax Power PDF and eSignatures

Innovative eSignature technology enables businesses to become completely paperless. Users digitally sign and authenticate documents in mere minutes – not weeks.


White Paper: Protecting Data With Secure PDFs

Learn how PDF files protect your data and enable secure and compliant document workflows


White Paper: Kofax Power PDF Advanced and the Secure IT Ecosystem

Keep Hackers Out: Protect Sensitive Data With Enterprise-Grade PDF Tools


The Benefits of Accounts Payable Automation - Facts and Best Practices from Leading Analysts

What do leading analysts think about common accounts payable problems that stems from manual processes? Learn about the major benefits of implementing AP automation, criteria for selecting a solution provider and more from AP experts in this white paper.