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Stop Your Swiveling: Transform Finance and Accounting with Robotic Process Automation

The greatest threat to productivity and accuracy for finance teams is spending too much time completing manual and repetitive tasks such as document management, moving data across systems, lengthy approvals and long closing cycles. Robotic Process Automation and Cognitive Document Automation can transform these roadblocks and improve productivity.


Cognitive Document Automation: It's Not Just About OCR

This white paper will assist the RPA-knowledgeable reader in understanding CDA concepts, including CDA capabilities and technology basics, and what aspects to consider to ensure a successful CDA deployment.


Intelligent Automation: Build and Manage Your Digital Workforce with Next-Generation RPA

Now that the global economy is embracing RPA as the new digital workforce, we can focus on moving forward. What’s next for exceptional organizations that want to accelerate their digital transformation and automation strategy to realize even more business value?


Cognitive Document Automation: The Truth About OCR Accuracy

This paper discusses best practices and success metrics in the context of Cognitive Document Automation (CDA) and how they help determine the return on investment and payback period for a CDA solution.


Five Case Studies to Inspire Your RPA Strategy: How to Deploy Robotic Process Automation Across Your Business

Robotic Process Automation will continue to dominate in 2019. Is your organization considering RPA to automate your most painful manual processes? Discover the power of RPA in these five case studies.


Powering the Insurance Claims Process with Information Capture and Intelligent Automation

Insurers must juggle tighter industry compliance regulations, while ensuring claimant response and resolution times are up to par. Yet, how can insurers remain profitable in which error-prone legacy processes are driving up operational costs and reducing information visibility and effective decision-making?


Kofax Kapow Technical Product Overview

Does your IT organization struggle to connect a vast array of systems and data sources? Learn how to quickly build, deploy and manage automated robots that interact across internal enterprise systems, websites, web portals, desktop applications and other data sources—without APIs and complex coding.


Strategies to Build Efficiencies Into Your Supply Chain and Logistic Operations

Transportation and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) operate in a challenging environment. Competition and commoditization compress razor-thin margins. This eliminates resources required to create new products and services that will ensure survival.


Transforming the First Mile: Drive Your Engagement Strategy with Kofax Solutions

Why do so many organizations deliver such unsatisfying external engagement and communications experiences? Three reasons stand out: process complexity, a more demanding audience and expanding channels. When an experience is slow or painful, it can leave a negative impression that may linger externally and internally for months—a universal problem that affects every industry.


Transforming the First Mile: Kofax Customer Onboarding for Financial Services

Leveraging Technology to Onboard Customers Faster and Drive Loyalty Why do so many banks deliver such unsatisfying onboarding experiences? Three reasons stand out: Process complexity, more demanding customers, and expanding channels.