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Data Sharing & Release Act: Compliance via Intelligent Automation

Data Sharing & Release Act: Compliance via Intelligent Automation

Governments and companies must be more transparent and accountable to their citizens and customers, and better manage the data they hold. Key to these reforms is the new Data Sharing and Release Act (DS&R Act) that is expected to be introduced to Parliament in late 2020.

Compliance with the principles laid out in DS&R requires doing more than merely adjusting a few key systems and applications. The enterprise-spanning nature of the regulation means investing in improved enterprise infrastructure to facilitate collaboration and coordination between digital workers, compliance teams and lines of business to manage both unstructured and structured data.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • Background and insights on the DS&R Act and its key rules and obligations
  • Essential elements such as integrated data privacy and risk controls, data governance and master data management and data virtualisation
  • How Kofax intelligent automation can help ensure compliance, deliver transparency and adopt new business models through a unified enterprise-grade solution

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