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Webinar: Public Sector Network Deep Dive Session with Integra

Watch this Public Sector Network Deep Dive Session with Integra and Kofax and find out how Integra has streamlined the processing of 1-1.5 million different and complex invoices each month


Office Hours: OCR Accuracy - Separating Myth and Reality

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is essential to solving your document automation challenges - enabling users to work faster and with greater accuracy. But if OCR accuracy means higher automation rates, why do so many OCR projects fail to meet expectations?


Office Hours Webinar: Touchless Print Release

What if there was a way you could print without any actually touching the MFD? With ControlSuite's integrated mobile option, implement a touchless way to print wherever you are and still ensure the centralised management of compliance, security and tracking you depend on. Watch this webinar to learn more.


Webinar: ReadSoft Online Technical Enablement

Overview of ReadSoft Online (RSO) from a technical perspective. Demonstration of RSO core capabilities. Demonstration of how RSO admin capabilities available for Kofax partners. Demonstration of setting up a tenant for customer demonstrations


Webinar: More Efficiency in Healthcare Sector with Kofax ControlSuite

Learn in this German speaking webinar how a German hospital organization achieved a significant increase in capturing Covid-19 tests with Kofax capture solutions.


Webcast Replay: Solving the Workforce Capacity Crisis with Intelligent Automation

Join Forrester and Kofax as they provide insights to how organizations can solve the workforce capacity crisis with the application of advanced technologies like RPA, AI and Machine Learning (ML) to automate processes in ways that are significantly more impactful than standalone automation capabilities. In this session, we’ll cover how Intelligent Automation can accelerate this journey.


Office Hours: Kofax Mobile Capture as a part of your Mobile Application strategy

An introduction to the Kofax Mobile Capture Platform. You'll learn how to provide an exceptional customer experience while ensuring secure, accurate data capture for your business.


On-Demand Webinar: Improving Operational Efficiency and Compliance in Trade Finance

Kofax Trade Finance Solution Framework provides automated processing that mitigates risk and improves efficiency and scale, enabling financial organizations to increase business agility and reduce end-to-end processing time


Office Hours Webinar: Introduction to Kofax Power PDF Features

We are clearly in unprecedented times. Widespread office closures mean that employees have largely transitioned to working from home. One of a series of webinars focused on changing how we adapt to the 'new normal', this webinar will look at how you can improve productivity and simplify collaboration, specifically when it comes to working with PDF documents.


Office Hours: Digitize Processes End-to-End by Replacing Wet-Ink Signatures

By moving from wet-ink to electronic signatures, you can remove the final roadblock to elimination of paper and achieve full digital transformation—reducing operational costs and transforming the customer experience.