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Putting the Customer First with Intelligent Automation

Discover how Foundation Home Loans (FHL), provider of mortgage asset management services in the U.K., implemented a digital-first strategy. Learn from this real-life case study and from Everest Group’s deep industry expertise, so you are better prepared to drive new automation successfully throughout your organization.


Webinar: What’s New in Kofax RPA 10.4 – Building Smarter Robots

The latest release of Kofax RPA fully addresses enterprises’ end-to-end automation needs—at scale. Watch this webinar to learn more about the next-generation capabilities of Kofax RPA, including: Cognitive Document Automation, Robot Lifecycle Management and Automated Process Discovery.


Webinar Recording: How to Scale Automation: People & Technology Considerations

Listen to this complimentary webinar hosted by the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence.


Understanding How to Scale RPA with Intelligent Automation

According to a Forbes Insights report, organizations who purchased RPA (robotic process automation) are pleased with the process


How to Automate Your Procure-to-Pay: Paper, People and Processes

According to Aberdeen Research, the best-in-class organizations are able to reduce invoice processing time to 5.3 days and have a 32% straight-through invoice processing rate.


Steps to Success in Mortgage Process Transformation

You know that today’s borrowers expect more – more choices, more engagement and more visibility.


Webinar: 3 weeks to a day: How Colorado Housing and Finance Authority Transformed Accounting Processes with RPA

In this webinar, Colorado Housing and Finance Authority presents how they are moving past the tedious and error-prone “stare and compare” and “copy and paste” tasks found in accounting departments to automating extracting and validation of accounting data with robotic process automation.


Webinar: The Promise of RPA: Forbes Insights & PwC Share Findings

In this webinar, Forbes Insights present findings from a global survey of 300 companies on how leading organizations are transforming their business through automation.


Panel Discussion: Financial Services Trendsetters Weigh in on the Future of Digital Banking

This exclusive panel discussion examines the top trends in digital banking and seeks to answer the question: "What's Next?" Panelists include top 5 Fintech influencer Jim Marous, as well as other financial services experts such as Mike Quindazzi, PwC, and Breana Patel, Bonova Advisory.


Webinar Playback: How the Marriage of Robotics, Documents, and Process Can Digitally Transform Your Business

According to recent AIIM research, 81% of organizations believe that Digital Transformation is “important” or “very important” to their organization. These businesses are in the midst of plans to digitally transform the way they conduct business for more process efficiency, reduced cost, optimized customer experience, and competitive advantage.