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Webinar: The Promise of Intelligent Automation — Why a Holistic, Integrated Approach is the Future of Work

The Promise of Intelligent Automation

Disruption: Every organization is facing it—or will before long.

Whether this comes in the form of unexpected competition, increasing regulatory requirements or more stringent cost controls (just to name a few), it’s clear that “business as usual” is a dead end.

So what’s the best way for an organization to navigate this disruption, or best prepare to meet the challenge head-on?

Enter Intelligent Automation, which integrates AI-enabled technologies to create value holistically across the enterprise—and transform how processes are executed, data is analyzed and positive outcomes are delivered to customers. Intelligent automation is about seeing the forest, and avoiding the trap of viewing digital transformation as a series of disconnected, discrete technology upgrades. And, most importantly, it’s about ensuring the benefits can be replicated and amplified at scale across every business area and operation.

View this webinar recording to discover:

  • How an intelligent automation platform extends the power of individual technology solutions such as RPA, cognitive capture, analytics and more
  • Where the greatest benefit potential lies, including improved profit margins, reduced manual work and errors, a more engaged workforce and customer base, and efficiencies that ripple throughout the organization
  • Use cases where Kofax Intelligent Automation delivers real-world ROI
  • The power of Intelligent Automation in action via a demo

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