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Achieving a Step Change in Customer Engagement

Achieving a Step Change in Customer Engagement

Customer engagement has never been so ripe with technological promise: the age of automation has offered newfound opportunities for delivering relevant, timely and accurate interactions, while enabling the workforce to work better and faster. To what extent will AI, RPA and machine learning revolutionise the customer journey, and where will it have the biggest impact? And how can organisations ensure that they strike the right balance between people and technology?

Watch our on-demand webinar and learn how automation is changing the very fabric of customer interactions.

Panel speakers: 

  • Nick Eves, Head of Customer Insight, Southern Water
  • Glen Clarke, Head of Transformational Propositions, Allianz
  • Angel Serrano, Head of Data Science, Santander
  • Abhijit Akerkar, Head of Applied Sciences, Business Integration, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Chris Huff, Chief Strategy Officer, Kofax

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