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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – it’s one of the biggest data privacy regulations we’ve seen in some time and it has everyone talking. Now with GDPR compliance about to be in full force and effect, one of the major aspects of this regulation that has many concerned is around finding, accessing, and rectifying data for your European citizens. Under GDPR, a EU citizen can now ask you to review their own data that you have, ask you to “rectify and amend” that data, and even invoke their right to be forgotten.

Learn how Robotic Process Automation can help you:

  • find, access, and rectify the requested information rapidly and handily
  • ensure that you’re finding every instance of the citizen’s data regardless where that information resides (official repositories, in the cloud, local drives, etc.)
  • make all the necessary amendments in all the places you need
  • ensure you’re finding all the data in the first place, especially if your ingestion processes are not consistent
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