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Webinar: Dreading Your Data Migration Project? 3 Ways Robotic Process Automation Can Help

Common struggles with managing your structured and unstructured information boil down to
1) Capturing your data accurately at the point of ingestion;
2) Moving your data from one system to another; and
3) Connecting legacy systems together to minimize manual work and create a better customer experience.

In this 30-minute mini-webinar hosted by AIIM, we examine how RPA can help your organization tackle these challenges, including actual customer case studies and how with the help of RPA you can:

  • Speed content migration with an automated approach
  • Extract metadata and transform content using business rules
  • Synchronize content between systems
  • Reduce IT costs for document and content migrations
  • Provide ongoing system integrations with additional systems to minimize manual work
  • Capture the day-forward data into the proper repository and workflows

For more information, call our United States office at +1(949) 783-1448, or contact a local office around the world.

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