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Strategies to Automate and Comply with Know Your Customer

Consumer expectations are high, competition is fierce, and margins are getting thinner in many areas of retail banking. To effectively combat these challenging market and customer dynamics, banks must deliver a positive customer experience while also ensuring compliance with ever-increasing and changing regulations, such as Know Your Customer (KYC). With financial institutions penalized more than $10 billion in fines since 2013 for noncompliance, Know Your Customer requirements should be on the forefront of everyone’s mind.

By watching this webinar, you will:

  • Identify the key challenges to balancing customer experience with KYC compliance
  • Understand the benefits of automating compliance with KYC
  • Explore strategies to verify and authenticate customer identities on the front-end to mitigate KYC non-compliance
  • Discover valuable lessons from industry experts on how to leverage KYC to strengthen existing relationships and attract new customers

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