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How OptiMed is Speeding the Sales Process with Robotic Process Automation

Sales quotes. Proposals. Loan inquiries. When a customer expresses an interest in buying from you, your goal is to provide timely, accurate information…ideally ahead of the competition. But when the busy season hits, a growing backlog, data entry errors and a mountain of manual tasks threaten your ability to catch up, let alone get ahead.

Learn how Tim Dewey, Vice President, Operations at OptiMed, has successfully implemented robotic process automation in this critical process. In this live webinar, Tim will share:

  • Why sales quotes were an obvious use case for automation
  • How Tim worked with internal and external stakeholders to get buy-in
  • Real examples of “before” and “after” processes with preliminary results
  • How to uncover similar use cases in your industry—Financial Services or Insurance—using Tim’s method

For more information, call our United States office at +1 (949) 783-1333, or contact a local office around the world.

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