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Office Hours Webinar: Unlock the Value of Your Data with No-Code Document Intelligence

If your organization is like most, up to 80% of your information is locked in unstructured documents. To fully automate your manual workflows, you need to ingest, classify, and extract unstructured data from those documents and turn it into actionable insights. Watch our 30-minute webinar to learn how.


Document Protection for Law Enforcement - Why it should be a Digital Transformation Priority

Information is a valuable resource within law enforcement. Police decisions and citizens’ security depend on the information within a variety of confidential records—and who has access. So the question is: How is your agency managing and protecting sensitive information?


OfficeHours - What's new in RPA11 Bot Development Tips and Tricks on demand webinar

Watch this 50-minute webinar to learn more about what’s new in Kofax RPA 11, including enhancements in user experience, integration, security, process discovery and more. We'll show you how Kofax RPA 11 supports expansion of your digital workforce as part of the Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform.


Office Hours: Creating a Smarter Mailroom with AI

Does your organization struggle to manage the collection and processing of documents? Are you drowning in inefficiencies because you rely on error-prone manual processes to scan, extract and enter data? Learn how to deploy a smarter mailroom using intelligent automation.


Office Hours Webinar: Invoice Capture with Kofax ReadSoft Online

Watch this webinar to learn how Kofax ReadSoft Online provides AI-driven AP automation through an easy-to-deploy and use cloud solution.


Webinar "KTA 7.8 - What's new?"

Watch out this German speaking webinar to get a comprehensive overview of the new features in KTA 7.8.


Office Hours Webinar: Hybrid Working Model - Ensuring Hard Copy Business Continuity

Watch this webinar to see how Kofax ControlSuite print and capture management can help your organisation.


Kofax VIA Imagine: Intelligent Automation for Digital Workflow Transformation

Get an exclusive first look at the newest release of our Intelligent Automation Platform, with expanded capabilities designed to provide a holistic approach to transforming digital workflows.


Webinar: Highlights of New Device-Based Licensing

Watch this German speaking webinar session to hear compelling highlights of new device-based licensing.


Office Hours: The Power of AI and Machine Learning in Kofax Transformation

Organizations seeking to accelerate their digital transformation are turning to AI-powered intelligent automation. During this 30-minute webinar, we’ll focus on the artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities found within the Kofax Intelligent Automation software platform—and how you can leverage it to extract value from your unstructured data and boost daily operations.

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