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Robotic Process Automation: A Q&A with Forrester’s Craig Le Clair (Part Two)

Who owns Robotic Process Automation (RPA): business or IT? What’s the best way to calculate total cost of ownership for RPA? And is there a secret formula for estimating FTE savings and FTE holdbacks to run your RPA operation? Craig Le Clair, Principal Analyst and VP at Forrester Research, answers these questions and more.

Robotic Process Automation: A Q&A with Forrester’s Craig Le Clair (Part One)

Is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) a flash in the pan or a sustainable technology? What are top use cases across industries and business functions? What’s the difference between RPA and Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Craig Le Clair, Principal Analyst and VP at Forrester Research, answers these questions and more in this new Q&A.

Application Automation for Government

Learn how application automation can streamline your government services, whether you serve individual citizens or businesses. Solve your internal processing and external constituent communication challenges without having to overhaul your systems. 

The Power of Insight

Making business decisions without knowing the facts means you’re just guessing. What you need is the power of analytics to gain true insight into the heart of your business processes - from internal operations and processes to external customer interactions.

Banking on Customer Onboarding

The most important moment in the business relationship between a bank and its customer is the very first moment. Customer onboarding is the moment of truth—the first opportunity your bank will have to demonstrate its capabilities to customers.

Winning in the Age of the Customer

We’re all living in the Age of the Customer. The key to victory is interacting on the customer’s terms, at their chosen time and place, through whatever device or channel they prefer. Kofax Enterprise Software streamlines information-intensive operations and provides better customer engagement.

Kofax Customer Testimonial County of Ventura

With the goal of automating processes to support a higher level of care, County of Ventura implemented Kofax solutions enabling them to convert tens of thousands of active cases from paper to electronic, achieve significant yearly savings in office and storage space and eliminate file transportation costs.

E-signature Is a Crititcal Component of your DTM Landscape

As your business undergoes digital transformation, E-Signature is a key component of a Digital Transaction Management landscape. 

Client Customer Onboarding in Banking Less than 7 minutes with Kofax Solutions

Over 70% of banks are not providing the customer onboarding experience customers expect. By including mobile and mobile capture, digital signature and personalized communications to your customers, you can make customer onboarding can be easy, efficient and smart.

E-Signing with Anasoft Signatus powered by Kofax SignDoc SDK

Based on the Kofax SignDoc® SDK, Anasoft Signatus enabled companies like Cetelem (part of BNP Paribas Group) to streamline processes and reduce paper costs at its branches. With a legally binding, integrated solution, the toolkit emboldened the bank's move toward digitization and conservation.

49 results