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Intelligent Automation for Case Management

Most federal agencies have sizable case management responsibilities. Whether they concern services delivery, grants, healthcare, law enforcement, emergency management, consular affairs, loans or benefits, federal case management operations consume enormous staff and financial resources. By leveraging an integrated intelligent automation platform, the difficult and manual tasks of getting data into a case management system are no longer a manual undertaking.


Secure Remittance Processing

Kofax helps banks and third-party lockbox providers improve integration, intelligence and control in their customers’ accounts receivables process.


Kofax Robotic Process Automation

How about eliminating the burden your department feels when managing data and content from many different systems that can’t interact without manual intervention? This is all possible with Robotic Process Automation, or RPA.


Kofax Cognitive Document Automation

Kofax cognitive document automation (CDA) uses artificial intelligence (AI) and OCR to automate the acquisition, understanding, and integration of documents needed in your business processes. CDA extends the capability of RPA, allowing you to automate more and more of your processing.


Reduce Costs and Speed Cash Allocation with Accounts Receivable Automation for SAP

Realize overwhelming benefits by automating traditionally manual, document-driven business processes. With quicker and more accurate payment receipt and reconciliation—and by allowing staff to focus on higher-value tasks—increase customer satisfaction and cash flow.


Making the Case for AP Automation: An ROI Guide

The AP Automation Calculator creates a customized ROI snapshot that incorporates the unique attributes of your company with an estimate for how long it will take your company to realize ROI and a better understanding of the best practices that can help your AP department work more efficiently.


Solution Overviews


Robotic Process Automation for Web Data Extraction

When your business depends on data from the web, manually collecting information from websites is neither scalable nor cost-effective. Kofax Kapow™ robotic process automation (RPA) is the market-leading solution automatically collecting publically available web data.


Solutions for Retail

The retail business is growing more complex and facing increasing pressure on margins due to globalization, competition, declining spending, changes in consumer behavior and technology. Retail companies can save cost, improve efficiency and customer service with a multichannel capture strategy.


Robotic Process Automation for Legacy Data Migrations in Healthcare

For many healthcare organizations, up to 80% of their IT budget is spent maintaining legacy systems. With Kofax Kapow™ you can create an automated, repeatable migration process for legacy application.

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