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5 Myths Stifling the Adoption of Supplier Portals

Held back by myths, many purchase-to-pay (P2P) organizations are missing out on the efficiencies that supplier portals can provide. View this infographic for success tips to overcome these myths and get ahead with supplier self-service tools.


The Top 5 Reasons You Need Robotic Process Automation for KYC

Banks must comply with stringent Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) requirements before opening a new account or approving a loan. This infographic provides five compelling reasons why RPA solves banks' compliance challenges.


The Perils of Policyholder Communications: 7 Ways to Learn if you Need Customer Communications Management

These seven questions will help you understand where your organization currently stands in terms of personal, automated policyholder communications.


5 Ways Insurers Can Stop the Swiveling with Robotic Process Automation

Does your insurance organization seem like it's spinning out of control with manual tasks? Download this infographic and learn the 5 ways insurers can stop the swiveling with RPA.


How to Make Onboarding in Banking Count

Mobile moments are becoming the basis of competition in the banking industry. Discover the six steps to make the onboarding process a better customer experience.


How to Make Onboarding in Government Count

Learn the 6 steps to make constituent onboarding a seamless experience.


Digital Transformation: Which Way Forward? Four Mobile Capabilities that Show You're on the Right Path

Mapping a successful route through the complexity of Digital Transformation can be daunting. The big-picture trend is clear: mobile is a cornerstone of your customers' digital interactions.


Creating a Digital Workforce: How to Eliminate Manual Tasks with Robotic Process Automation

How much time are you wasting on manual, repetitive tasks? Many organizations still rely on manual tasks to complete vital business processes. From banking and insurance to transportation and manufacturing, RPA can improve your efficiency, productivity and profitability.


Gain Traction with Paperless Signing: The Intersection of Customer Satisfaction and Operational Efficiency

Business is accelerating to meet the expectations of digitally experienced consumers. E-signature technology delivers frictionless customer interaction, reduces cost and vastly improves efficiency and auditability. With it, you’re on a fast track to digital transformation.