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The State of Intelligent Automation 2019-Findings from Forbes Insight Study

Perhaps no other technology has driven more of a workforce revolution than Intelligent Automation. Forbes Insights surveyed senior executives from around the globe and how they're transforming their business with enterprise automation solutions.


5 Surprising Ways Intelligent Automation Creates Value for Finance & Accounting

According to Forbes Insights Report, Intelligent Automation increases capacity, productivity and accuracy for finance and accounting teams. Intelligent Automation is the next generation of RPA which brings together extended capabilities into a single platform to drive maximum business value.


Game-Changer: Why RPA and Cognitive Document Automation Should be Your New Intelligent Digital Workforce

From claims automation to customer onboarding and financial services, RPA and cognitive document automation pair up to extend robotic processes to intelligently automate document processing.


How to Pitch RPA: Your guide to getting stakeholder approvals

Ready to implement RPA? You'll need support from internal stakeholders to implement robotic process automation and this guide will help you sell them on this transformative technology.


Five Things You Need to Know About Digitalizing Core Organizational Processes

AIIM Industry Watch Report shares five key findings about digitalizing core business processes and how organizations view process automation and to determine whether the reality of their current efforts is enough to achieve true digital transformation.


100 Automation Opportunities Across the Enterprise

RPA is a transformative technology that can automate tasks and processes across the business, from finance and accounting to customer service. When automation opportunities are everywhere, where should you start? Use this handy RPA One-Sheet with 10 example use cases across 10 business units for inspiration.


Mind These 9 Finance & Accounting Gaps with Robotic Process Automation

Every day, your employees spend hours searching, transferring, sweeping, copying, pasting, sorting and filing. Learn how to automate these tedious tasks across procure-to-pay, quote-to-cash and record-to-report with a digital workforce.


Recruit a Digital Workforce for Procure-to-Pay Processes with RPA

Opportunities for automation across P2P are everywhere. Learn how to select the right opportunities and get the most impact from robotic process automation.


Turbo Charge Your SAP Purchase-to-Pay Machine

Sync up processes within SAP to speed up and simplify slow, labor-intensive tasks across procure-to-pay. Learn where you can use automation to get your P2P gears moving to capture discounts and improve visibility.


5 Myths Stifling the Adoption of Supplier Portals

Held back by myths, many purchase-to-pay (P2P) organizations are missing out on the efficiencies that supplier portals can provide. View this infographic for success tips to overcome these myths and get ahead with supplier self-service tools.