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Top 3 Ways You Can Deploy Robots to Collect and Integrate Web Data

Are you struggling to acquire and integrate the web data you need? Here's the top 3 ways robots can collect and integrate web data for you.


The Rise of Mobile Banking

Learn how banks today are leveraging mobile for customer onboarding.


The Top 5 Reasons You Need Robotic Process Automation for KYC

Banks must comply with stringent Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) requirements before opening a new account or approving a loan. This infographic provides five compelling reasons why RPA solves banks' compliance challenges.


5 Ways Insurers Can Stop the Swiveling with Robotic Process Automation

Does your insurance organization seem like it's spinning out of control with manual tasks? Download this infographic and learn the 5 ways insurers can stop the swiveling with RPA.


Is it Easy to be your Customer? The Customer Onboarding Experience in Financial Services Infographic

Your first interactions with potential customers set the stage for the entire business relationship - and you have one chance to get it right.


The Perils of Policyholder Communications: 7 Ways to Learn if you Need Customer Communications Management

These seven questions will help you understand where your organization currently stands in terms of personal, automated policyholder communications.


Map a Successful Route to your Insurance Organization's Digital Transformation

The insurance industry has paved the way for consumers to manage and mitigate their personal risk, but is your company properly managing the risk of falling behind in the race to digital?


How to Make Onboarding in Government Count

Learn the 6 steps to make constituent onboarding a seamless experience.


How to Make Onboarding in Banking Count

Mobile moments are becoming the basis of competition in the banking industry. Discover the six steps to make the onboarding process a better customer experience.


Evaluating the Health of Your Medical Claims Process

Rising costs continue to be the key challenge for the U.S. health care and property and casualty (P&C) insurers that process and pay medical claims. Payers must find ways to cut costs to avoid raising premiums, afford the growing cost of regulatory compliance, and remain profitable. One viable target area is claims processing.

28 Results

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