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Kofax ReadSoft Online

Kofax ReadSoft Online™ provides market-leading capture, extraction and validation for invoice processing in the cloud, a deployment model Gartner says will be dominant “across all areas of financial management applications by 2025.”


Kofax ReadSoft Invoices

Kofax ReadSoft Invoices™ is an OCR and data capture platform that automates the scanning, interpreting and filing of invoice data.


Kofax ReadSoft Supplier Portal

Kofax ReadSoft Supplier Portal™ is a true multi-tenant cloud solution that enables organizations to provide key purchase-to-pay information visibility to your supply base through free selfservice.


Kofax ReadSoft Forms

Organizations often spend too much time and resources on handling forms when that time could be spent on higher value tasks. Kofax ReadSoft Forms™enables organizations of all sizes to be more productive with their document handling needs.


Kofax ReadSoft Process Director

Kofax ReadSoft Process Director™ offers a single platform for handling a wide range of document-driven and request-driven business processes inside SAP systems.


Kofax Monitor

Kofax Monitor™ enables real-time monitoring and performance measurement to ensure the operational health of the entire Kofax software suite. The solution provides service-level metrics, historical performance data and real-time processing statuses.


Kofax Mobile SDK

The Kofax Mobile Capture SDK™, part of the Kofax Mobile Capture™ Platform, provides mobile integration with Kofax real-time capture services, content extraction and validation, process management and analytics capabilities.


Kofax Mobile ID

The Kofax Mobile ID™ framework gives organizations the power to let customers initiate services simply by taking a picture of their driver license, passport, or international ID with their smartphone or other mobile device.


Kofax Mobile Deposit Capture

Kofax Mobile Deposit Capture™ provides a seamless check-capture experience and accurate data extraction. Users simply hold their mobile phone camera over a check and the image is captured and the relevant information is extracted.


Kofax Mobile Credit and Debit Card

Kofax Mobile Credit and Debit Card™ extracts the account number and expiration date from credit and debit cards, and it is a natural add-on to Kofax Mobile ID™