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Kofax ReadSoft Forms

Organizations often spend too much time and resources on handling forms when that time could be spent on higher value tasks. Kofax ReadSoft Forms™enables organizations of all sizes to be more productive with their document handling needs.


Kofax ReadSoft Invoices

Kofax ReadSoft Invoices™ is an OCR and data capture platform that automates the scanning, interpreting and filing of invoice data.


Kofax ReadSoft Process Director

Kofax ReadSoft Process Director™ offers a single platform for handling a wide range of document-driven and request-driven business processes inside SAP systems.


Kofax ReadSoft Online

Kofax ReadSoft Online™ provides market-leading capture, extraction and validation for invoice processing in the cloud, a deployment model Gartner says will be dominant “across all areas of financial management applications by 2025.”


Kofax Onboarding Agility

Kofax Onboarding Agility™ is for service organizations (such as banks, insurance companies, government agencies, HR departments, and others) wishing to streamline newcustomer onboarding with smart, agile, omni-channel solutions.


Kofax Mortgage Agility

Kofax Mortgage Agility™ revolutionizes the antiquated, paper-laden mortgage process by actively engaging borrowers and lenders, enabling them to become collaborative stakeholders in a more effective and transparent process.


Kofax Mobile ID

The Kofax Mobile ID™ framework gives organizations the power to let customers initiate services simply by taking a picture of their driver license, passport, or international ID with their smartphone or other mobile device.


Kofax Monitor

Kofax Monitor™ enables real-time monitoring and performance measurement to ensure the operational health of the entire Kofax software suite. The solution provides service-level metrics, historical performance data and real-time processing statuses.


Kofax Mobile SDK

The Kofax Mobile Capture SDK™, part of the Kofax Mobile Capture™ Platform, provides mobile integration with Kofax real-time capture services, content extraction and validation, process management and analytics capabilities.


Kofax MarkView for AP

Kofax MarkView® for AP automates the AP operations of hundreds of major organizations to significantly reduce cycle times and costs while optimizing process control and cash flow management. The solution provides industry-leading capture capabilities.

40 Results

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