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Spotcap Revolutionizes Lending with Flexible and Accessible Financing for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Spotcap is shaking up the banking landscape with its proprietary credit platform, which provides short-term loans to small businesses online. Powered by market-leading Kofax Kapow Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software and a unique credit assessment algorithm, Spotcap empowers businesses with tailored finance, allowing them to focus on what really matters – their business.

Crete Carrier Corporation Revolutionizes Logistics Operations with Robotic Process Automation

Crete Carrier used Kofax Kapow to forge ahead of competitors and secure prime delivery slots. The RPA solution streamlines scheduling, improves on-time delivery rates, saves time and costs—while freeing staff from tedious manual work to focus on building better relationships with customers.

Farner Consulting AG Uses Kofax Kapow RPA to Create the First Fully Automated Solution For Monitoring Political Issues

Farner is taking its political consultancy business in a whole new direction, and it’s all thanks to Kofax Kapow.

European Bank Saves Thousands of Person-Hours A Week on Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Checks with Kofax Kapow RPA

This bank used Kofax Kapow to automate data-gathering processes linked to Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks. Today, the bank can now complete data-collection tasks that once took roughly 15 minutes in under 90 seconds on average, saving thousands of person-hours a week.

Arrow Lets the Data Flow with Automated Procurement Processes

Arrow Electronics successfully implemented Kofax Kapow to achieve better integration with suppliers, shortened cycle times, assured data accuracy and increased satisfaction levels by customers and employees.

Global Financial Services Company Delivers Faster, Sharper Investment Insights to Clients

Kofax Kapow provides research analysts with quick and easy access to the web content they use to inform forecasts, stock recommendations and research for clients all over the world. With faster, fuller insight into complex markets and business situations, analysts can deliver timely, highly accurate information to clients—helping them make smarter decisions and strengthening the company’s reputation as a trusted provider of financial advice and expertise.

Union Bank Accelerates Time to Revenue for Mortgage Loans

Union Bank makes it quick and easy for teams in its consumer lending business to access millions of loan-related documents and share them with investors, auditors and other stakeholders, using Kofax Kapow software. The result? Faster time to revenue for loan deals, lower costs and easier audit compliance.

Schultz Drives Profitable Growth by Rapidly Launching New Services to the Market

Schultz’s specialists in the legal sector used Kofax Kapow to automate the error-prone manual metadata registration process. Today, the company has nearly 350,000 unique metadata records, encompassing nearly one million document relationships.

Audi Gives Global Employees Simple, Secure Access to Shared Services Through a New Web Portal

With Kapow, Audi was able to flawlessly integrate both internal and external applications into the portal, while adhering to relevant security regulations.

9 results