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Case Studies

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Specialist Insurer Boosts Efficiency and Slashes Claim Processing Times through Automation

This specialist insurer uses Kofax RPA™, alongside Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation, to increase back-office efficiency and boost employee skills. The organization has deployed 25 smart software robots across eight departments, each saving the company 120 hours of high-paid work per year and marking an organization-wide culture shift towards robotic process automation.


Northwood Health Systems Automates Patient Workflows to Enhance Care

Focused on integrating solid business principles with sound clinical practices, Northwood embarked on an IT strategy to streamline its administrative functions and to integrate clinical records into one harmonious system using AutoStore® from Kofax and Microsoft SharePoint.


Consumer Products Manufacturer Delivers to Major Retailers on Time, Every Time

Big-box retailers can impose stiff financial penalties on suppliers who fail to deliver within a tight time window. Today, this leading manufacturer uses 80 Kofax RPA™ software robots to automatically schedule more than 300 delivery appointments per day—helping it meet its rigorous service-level agreements.


Boston Children’s Hospital Improves Patient Care through Workflow Automation

Boston Children’s Hospital knows that effective collaboration between departments plays an important role in the delivery of high-quality care experiences. To shape a more efficient working environment for its clinicians and staff, the hospital has replaced paper records with digital documents using Kofax AutoStore®—boosting productivity and enabling multi-million-dollar cost-savings.


A leading business services provider harnesses automation to eliminate cheque-handling woes

When a large UK retail bank divested from its parent, it took on responsibility for processing more than 40,000 cheques daily. To avoid employing an army of new staff, the bank engaged the business services provider to create an automated cheque scanning and digitization solution that ensures on-time processing while capturing precious data for the business.


SacENT Avoids Costly Printer Upgrade, Secures Patient Information with Kofax

Implementing Epic EHR is a large enough endeavor without worrying about printing. To standardize its printing processes and save on hardware costs, Sacramento Ear, Nose, and Throat implemented Kofax solutions.


VCBH Enhances Care Outcomes with Actionable Insights into Medical Data

The Ventura County Behavioral Health Department uses Kofax Insight™ to turn mountains of medical and operational data into actionable information—giving management teams a newfound understanding of clients, treatments and care outcomes to help them shape more accessible and impactful healthcare services.


Transportation Provider Grows its Business without Increasing Headcount

This transportation provider harnessed Kofax RPA™ to cut the time taken to book deliveries from hours to minutes. Today, the company is processing 25% more delivery appointments a week without any increase in headcount, getting more business on the books while maintaining healthy margins.


Foundation Home Loans Improves Responsiveness While Keeping Headcount Flat

Foundation Home Loans uses Kofax solutions for process automation—cutting customer response times by over 50%, saving over 16 person-hours per day and creating headroom for growth.


Milton Keynes University Hospital secures print with Kofax SafeCom

With confidential patient data a prime security concern for the National Health Service (NHS) takes proactive steps to stop data leaks using Kofax SafeCom. SafeCom is used by everyone at the Hospital, from human resources to medical staff. Today, the Hospital has improved efficiency, ensured print security, and realized significant time savings which have given staff the ability to spend more time on patient care.