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1 hour

To Create First Robot


Back-Office Efficiency

2,000 hours

Of Work Saved Annually

This specialist insurer uses Kofax RPA™, alongside Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation, to increase back-office efficiency and boost employee skills. The organization has deployed 25 smart software robots across eight departments, each saving the company 120 hours of high-paid work per year and marking an organization-wide culture shift towards robotic process automation.

Before we implemented smart software robots from Kofax, a typical claim would take around 26 days to process. Now a claim takes between 24 and 48 hours to process, and we are processing thousands of claims a day.

Spokesperson, Specialist Insurer


Kofax RPA™
Kofax Capture™
Kofax Transformation™


Intelligent Automation
Robotic Process Automation
Claims Processing
Customer Engagement
Desktop Automation
Data Aggregation
Web Data Extraction

About Company

This specialist insurer offers competitively priced coverage and 24/7 online claims management to its clients in North America.

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