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The Challenge

Max Hamburger Restaurants streamlines by invoicing in the cloud
The hamburger chain streamlines its invoicing using the e-invoicing service in the cloud from Kofax.

Max Hamburger Restaurants opened its first restaurant in 1968 and is therefore Sweden’s oldest hamburger chain. Today the company has 107 restaurants, 4,000 employees and restaurants in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In order to successfully run an organisation of this size, it is vitally important that internal processes within finance and administration run smoothly and at maximum efficiency. As part of this work, Max Hamburger Restaurants therefore chose, among other things, to carry out a thorough analysis of its invoicing processes and how they could be streamlined.

Each year the finance department at Max Hamburger Restaurants handles an average of 150,000 invoices. Handling this number of invoices manually is not only time-consuming but also understandably leads to a number of mistakes. Max Hamburger Restaurants therefore chose to look for new digital invoicing services that could help the company to streamline the work and reduce the percentage of errors. In the requirement specification, it was clear that the solution they were looking for should be flexible and possible to integrate with the accounting system and existing technical platforms. It also had to be cloud-based and give the finance department easy access to the invoicing archive 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Solution

E-invoicing solution from Kofax 
After having carefully considered the options from the various players on the market, Max Hamburger Restaurants finally chose Kofax’s e-invoicing solution which, in addition to electronic invoicing, also provides archiving in the cloud, integrated invoice interpretation and verification for handling paper invoices.

With Kofax’s e-invoicing solution, companies can easily find and connect their suppliers to the tool so that they can start sending e-invoices instead of the traditional paper invoices. This doesn’t just make invoicing more efficient but is also better for the environment. All invoices are sent to the company in the same way and are then archived and validated automatically in the invoicing portal. In addition, totals, supplier information, dates and VAT, etc. are checked automatically and invoices that match are added directly to the company’s authorisation or finance system. This saves the company time while also minimising errors.

The Results

Easy to connect and increased efficiency as a result 
Max Hamburger Restaurants has currently used Kofax’s invoicing solution for several years and 60% of the company’s invoices are now linked to the service. The aim is to increase this percentage further and eventually move 100% of its invoices there, which will be made possible by making it easy for the company’s customers to connect, among other things.

“We started by offering 100 of our suppliers the opportunity to use e-invoicing via Kofax’s connection tool and then we added another 500. Kofax has a tool that is smooth to work with and after just a few clicks, the suppliers are connected,” says Elin Alatalo, Administrative Coordinator at Max Hamburger Restaurants.
“As even more of the company’s customers and suppliers have connected to e-invoicing, we have been able to see significant streamlining at Max Hamburger Restaurants,” Elin Alatalo continues.
“Since we introduced the Kofax e-invoicing solution, we have become considerably more time efficient, despite the fact that the volumes are continually increasing,” explains Elin Alatalo. “That means we can now spend more time on strategic tasks to develop the finance work even more.”

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