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Turkcell paves the way for fast, secure customer onboarding with a paperless contract application and activation process. Featuring innovative electronic signature capabilities powered by Kofax SignDoc®, the new approach will allow Turkcell to shorten time-to-activation for new contracts—driving a better customer experience—and eliminate the cost and effort of managing paper, boosting operational efficiency.

The Challenge

As the telecommunications industry grows more crowded and commoditized, market leadership depends more than ever on offering responsive, personalized services that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Turkcell knows this well. As Turkey’s biggest mobile phone operator, with some 37 million mobile and broadband subscribers, the company has built its market-leading position on constant technological innovation and unwavering commitment to customers.

Always looking to stay one step ahead of competitors and deliver the very best customer experience, Turkcell has recently embarked on a far-reaching digital transformation aimed at strengthening customer engagement, as well as reducing the time and cost involved in provisioning new services. As part of this digital transformation, the company targeted customer onboarding as a key area for improvement.

İnanç Çakıroğlu, CRM & BIS Capabilities Director at Turkcell, explained, “Previously, when customers applied for a new contract they had to fill out paper forms at our points of sale and provide supporting proof of identity, in the form of their national ID card. Sales people created copies of the documents and sent them via courier to our central services center, where they were scanned and submitted for processing."

"Not only was the process time-consuming and paper-intensive, it was also vulnerable to fraud. While our sales teams always performed their due diligence in verifying a customer’s identity, there was still a risk of potential applicants forging a handwritten signature and using stolen or counterfeit identity documents to open a contract in someone else’s name. We absolutely want to prevent such fraudulent practices from occurring across our network, because they undermine customer security and trust in our brand, and expose us to potential legal action and fines.""

The Solution

Turkcell saw that it had a valuable opportunity to enrich the customer experience, all while cutting down on costs and risk of fraud, by moving away from paper-driven processes toward completely digital customer onboarding. Keen to turn its vision into reality, Turkcell enlisted the help of longstanding partner Aksis.

"We have been working with Aksis for more than a decade,” said Çakıroğlu. “The team knows our business inside-out and we trust them to deliver solutions that perfectly match our requirements. We knew we could count on Aksis to deliver both the technology and support needed to enable our digital transformation."

Working with Aksis, Turkcell has turned customer onboarding into a highly automated, near-paperless process. Kofax SignDoc acts as a cornerstone of the new approach, enabling seamless and secure electronic signature capabilities.

"It was absolutely critical for us to incorporate electronic signatures into the new customer onboarding system, as they allow us to ensure a completely digital process from start to finish,” noted Sinem Yüksel, Customer Experience Management Director at Turkcell. “We chose SignDoc for its robust electronic signing capabilities and ease-of-integration with core content management systems."

Today, when a customer comes into a store to apply for a new contract, sales teams help them to complete a digital application form using a tablet device or desktop computer. Sales people also capture an electronic copy of the customer’s ID card and validate it on the spot against a national identification number database. The system then uses this information to populate a digital contract.

Once the customer has reviewed the contract details, he or she signs the document using a signing pad or tablet screen. SignDoc automatically captures the signature, along with biometric signals such as handwriting speed and acceleration. The signature is digitally sealed and integrated into the contract, ensuring that it cannot be copied or used elsewhere. For highest evidential weight of captured signature data and contracts signed, Turkcell customers sign with special active styluses on a tablet which also allows the solution to capture different levels of writing pressure. If a signature is in doubt, forensic handwriting experts have a maximum of meaningful data for inspection.

The digital contract, application form and customer ID documents are all uploaded to a central electronic content repository, which is integrated with Turkcell’s customer relationship management (CRM) system. From here, back-office employees process the applications and activate new customer accounts.

If customers wish to view their contract documents, they can do so through a customer portal on the Turkcell website. Customers can also request a copy of the electronic contract via email.

"We’ve made digital versions of contracts available to customers online for a few years now, but in the past it could take up to five working days for the documents to appear on the customer portal, as we had to wait for the original versions to be shipped and scanned,” remarked Yüksel. “With the new approach, customers will be able to instantly access their electronic contracts."

Turkcell plans to roll out the new platform to all 1,200 of its points of sale in the coming months. Once in full production, the company expects to handle approximately 22.5 million electronic contracts annually.

Yüksel added, ""Another decisive factor in choosing Kofax SignDoc is that we are prepared to incorporate additional signer identification methods, such as electronic identities (eIDs), and can operate internationally compliant to the European Regulation 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions (eIDAS)—for example, by increasing the security of our solution in connecting SignDoc with timestamp and a Hardware Security Module (HSM).""

The Results

Embracing fully digital customer onboarding processes will reduce costs and complexity for Turkcell, helping the business run faster and more efficiently.

"We are freeing teams from the huge amounts of time, effort and expense associated with handling paper,"" Yüksel explained. ""Staff in our points of sale will no longer have to worry about packaging up boxes upon boxes of customer documents and shipping them out to our service center— everything will be captured at the very start of the onboarding process. This will enable us to accelerate cycle times, as instead of waiting around for documents to be delivered, we can initiate back-end processes while the customer is still in the store. We also expect to avoid printing and shipping around 110 million sheets of paper a year, which will help us drive much more cost-effective and environmentally friendly operations"

Yüksel added, ""Our salespeople are very excited about the new approach. They will be freed from having to perform time-consuming paper-based processes, allowing them to spend more time focusing on customer service."

Turkcell anticipates that the new approach to onboarding will transform the customer experience, providing an efficient and secure way for customers to apply for new contracts.

"Going digital helps us to simplify the customer experience, making it quicker and easier for customers to complete the application process,"" stated Yüksel. ""Additionally, our customers get greater peace of mind knowing that we are using highly secure and trustworthy electronic signatures, which are much more difficult to forge or tamper with than wet signatures."

By continuing to invest in forward-looking digital services, Turkcell reinforces its reputation as an innovator that is ready to meet the needs of modern consumers. "

At Turkcell, we pride ourselves on being first-to-market with new technology and services—and this initiative reinforces that image,"" Yüksel concluded. ""Supporting our vision to be the first digital opertor, we re the very first communications company in Turkey to offer a digital onboarding process. Secure electronic contracts and signatures, enabled by Kofax SignDoc, set us apart from competitors and give customers a better way to do business with us.""

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