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Simplified Kofax RPA Pricing Now Available

The new pricing comes with a base configuration including now unlimited design studio seats, unlimited non-production robots, unlimited KappZone seats, Kofax Process Intelligence and Cognitive Document Automation (with 10k pages). Only concurrent production robots have to be added accordingly. And all this comes with a very attractive starting price.

Please note, quotes that are in place are still valid. All previous RPA parts have been moved to the legacy GPL. If you are working on RPA Q4 opportunities and have some challenges in negotiating the price with the customer, you might want to use the new pricing as an incentive for the customers (e.g. they get now unlimited non-production license and Cognitive Document Automation) rather than providing additional discounts.

Fall GTM Launch of Kofax RPA

You may ask, “What is the Fall GTM Launch?” The Fall Launch is a series of integrated marketing and PR activities focused on promoting the three releases of Kofax RPA taking place between Oct. 1 and Jan. 15. The releases are 10.3.1, 10.3.2 and 10.4. These three releases are significant because they mark the announcement of Kofax as a player in the Intelligent Automation market. This theme of RPA at enterprise scale and next generation RPA can be stated as “Kofax Next-Generation Robotic Process Automation Ushers in Intelligent Automation to Meet Enterprise Demand to Scale the Digital Workforce.”

In addition to the RPA Free 12-month Trial, we have developed a video demo of Kofax RPA 10.3.2 that illustrates the combination of RPA and CDA and supports our claim as a provider of Intelligent Automation. Access the video here.

Product Updates

Kofax announces end of life of Kofax Transformation Mortgage Add-On Pack

The Kofax Transformation Mortgage Add-On Pack will go end-of-sale on April 1, 2019. Quotes will be honored, and orders fulfilled through this date. Limited support for the Mortgage Add-On Pack begins on April 1, 2019, and end of support occurs on April 1, 2020. Customers who are running the Mortgage Add-On Pack and want to implement transformation for additional mortgage document types or move their document configurations to TotalAgility should consult with Kofax Professional Services or a Kofax authorized partner.

Cross Portfolio

  • Removed “Int’l USD” currency column from all Limited and Legacy GPL tabs

Financial Process Automation Pricing Changes

  • Addition of new AP Agility Section on the Bundle License Guidelines tab (Limited)
  • Removed the "Approval to Quote” (ATQ) requirement on AP Agility and IP Agility
  • Added NEW "ERP Connectors" section and parts

Capture Promotion Removed from GPL
The First Year Free KC License (Limited) promotion has been removed and is now available as self-service download on

Partner Portal

The new portal offers improved user experience, consolidated login to Kofax partner content and tools, visual dashboards, collaboration tools, and enhanced Knowledge base capability. There is a new process for Deal Registration where Partners will enter prospective opportunities as a lead. Channel Managers will convert applicable leads to opportunities to approve the Deal Registration. Please view the Partner Training and Quick Reference Card by clicking the important links. This is the first release of the community portal and other upgrades and features will follow. If you have any questions, issues or feedback please email