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Kofax Mobile Capture Platform transforms the customer experience with real-time mobile technology

Customers are demanding their banks interact with them quickly and seamlessly. Mobile software from Kofax by Lexmark provides that seamless experience, anytime, anywhere. Disparate products and services can be united in a single consistent channel for customers. The results of mobile transformation are significant: increased efficiency, improved profits and new and loyal customer base.

Build Your Mobile Framework Solution

Kofax Mobile ID: Gives organizations the power to let customers initiate services simply by taking a photo of their ID using their smartphone or other mobile device. Mobile ID technology extracts the data from the captured image and processes to streamline any information-intensive business interaction.

Kofax Mobile Deposit Capture: Enables banking customer to quickly and accurately capture and deposit checks with their smartphone. This high-quality check image capture technology via Kofax is easily installed on customer’s mobile device and doesn’t require specialized apps developers, yielding a faster ROI for banking institutions.

Kofax Mobile Bill Pay: Gives banks to better engage consumers via their preferred channel, the mobile device. Mobile Bill Pay empowers customers to easily and effectively capture bills and add payees to the bank’s automatic bill pay system.

How to Win with Mobile: Transforming Your Bank with an Omnichannel Experience

How to Win with Mobile
Transforming Your Bank with an Omnichannel Experience

eBook How to Win with Mobile

Mobile technology is the link between your organization’s status quo and omnichannel digital transformation. Here’s why it’s important:

  • Mobile is expected: automatically acquire and integrate data into your systems for easier processing.
  • Mobile improves customer engagement: Allows customers to engage at their convenience, on their preferred device.
  • Mobile drives operational efficiency:turning customer’s smartphone into a multi-function device to capture and process information and reducing friction.
  • Mobile increases profitability: It’s projected by 2017, online and mobile account opening will surpass opening accounts in branch offices.

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