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Invoice Data Capture: Key to AP Automation

Paperless AP processing has been an ideal for decades, but progress toward meeting this goal has been slow. TAPN studies show that paper invoices remain prevalent, and that many vendors' idea of "electronic" invoicing is to send PDF invoices. The critical first step in going paperless is with technology with intelligent recognition capability that offers a way to capture and convert invoice data from paper, as well as from faxes and PDFs at a high rate of success. Today, leading invoice processing/capture solutions are no longer just for the Fortune 500. Delivery options range from on-premises implementation to SaaS to outsource services, with cost models and scalability that provide opportunities for mid-size and smaller organizations. Automation of AP is coming in reach of many more companies.

This informative report shows the benefits of automated invoice processing through sophisticated invoice data capture software solutions for companies of all sizes, including how to:

  • Eliminate paper and route invoices electronically for review, approval and coding
  • Significantly reduce manual data entry to save time, reduce errors and free up AP staff to focus on more value-added activities
  • Avoid lost invoices and gain the ability to track invoices
  • Improve visibility to facilitate better process management and cash flow, timely and accurate liability accounting
  • Increase productivity with automated invoice capture and data extraction
  • Decrease invoice processing time and more

Learn how your organization can implement invoice data capture technology to gain control of invoice processing and to improve productivity and efficiencies. Register for the full study or call our United States office at +1 (949) 783-1333, or contact a local office around the world.

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