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The month of March is famous for its “madness”, but the chaos and suspense should stay on the basketball floor and out of your insurance business. Specifically when it comes to transitioning prospects into actual policyholders, you seek the opposite of madness: calm, ease and the customer engagement equivalent of a slam dunk.

Kofax invites you to a unique presentation and panel video conference. The event features Celent Director, North American Insurance Practice, Donald Light, who will detail how insurers can:

  • Implement “omnichannel onboarding” to initiate long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with new policyholders
  • Track and analyze transaction flows within each channel (e.g., mobile, online) and leverage this information to create competitive advantage
  • Eliminate paper-based onboarding processes, reducing costs and time delays in the process

There will be a panel discussion following the presentation featuring Carol Buehrens, Customer Experience Strategist at ICW Group. For more information, call our United States office at +1 (949) 783-1333, or contact a local office around the world.

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