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Customers For Life Webinar on Demand

Customers rely on first impressions. If that initial information-intensive interaction is easy, fluid and flexible, they will assume that future transactions will be equally pleasant. In other words, efficient onboarding sets the stage for lifetime customers. But to create efficient processes, your organisation needs tangible data: Are there bottlenecks in your processes? Are you meeting compliance requirements? Is a significant percentage of your customers abandoning at the same step?

Watch this Webinar and learn how to:

  • How to leverage omni data source integration for driving efficient workflows and processes
  • How to leverage agnostic process monitoring for insight into the data artifact life-cycle process and data reconciliation
  • Process awareness/discovery: improve the effectiveness of operational processes, identifying potential fail-points before they cause business loss

For more information, call our Australian office at +61 (2) 8916 0200, or contact a local office around the world.

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