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The robotic revolution has arrived in the insurance market and it looks nothing like we imagined. We’re not talking about futuristic, mechanical robots; we’re talking about intelligent software robots that automate virtually any business activity involving users, data and systems.

Robotic process automation (RPA) uses software robots to eliminate manual tasks for copying and pasting data between internal and external systems – such as websites, portals, enterprise applications, legacy systems, and desktop applications like Excel. RPA can make your software solutions even more valuable to your insurance customers by enabling them to eliminate these manual tasks in their core processes such as claims processing.

Kofax Kapow’s software is the leading RPA solution with more than one-third of the Fortune 500 utilizing it to automate their business processes.  By adding Kapow’s robotic process automation software as an integrated module to your solutions, you (and/or your customers) are able to quickly design and deploy robots that lower the costs associated with repetitive, manual tasks while giving you a competitive advantage.

RPA helps you enable your customers to:

  • Automate P&C claims processing by using intelligent robots to automatically pull disparate data from any internal system or external source, such as a web site or portal, into a centralized case file.
  • Automatically track and follow up on leads handed off to agents
  • Query web sites to find market values for services, saving hours of manual processing time for each claim 
  • Track and maintain a Health Care Professionals (HCP) Exclusion List

Simply read the e-Book today and learn how you can enable your insurance customer to consistently deliver 100% accurate data and lower average processing times by 40%.

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