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National Australia BankEvery day, NAB depends on numerous processes to meet customer needs and get things done, many of which are paper-based and manual. These inefficiencies are even more challenging during this time of global turbulence and increasingly remote workforces.

The Australian banking sector is also becoming increasingly competitive as the industry’s digital transformation accelerates. With digital native “neobanks” and new regulatory initiatives such as Open Banking, customers are becoming more sophisticated, connected and empowered around their banking preferences.

The good news? NAB can accelerate digital transformation by deploying Kofax Intelligent Automation solutions that use machine learning to transform data into actionable insights. Choose automation platforms with embedded artificial intelligence (AI) that smartly recognizes people, processes, and technology to enhance operations, improve data quality and deliver the personalized experience NAB customers expect.

Kofax Intelligent Automation


The Kofax Intelligent Automation platform is enabled at NAB, and can be extended in a matter of weeks to adapt to new uses cases for NAB business units. These use cases include:

Customer Engagement, Origination and Onboarding (including eKYC)

Kofax enables fast-to-market eKYC, origination and onboarding capabilities to digitize customer engagement at the point of origination. This ensures all customers’ and clients’ first experiences with NAB are seamless, paving the way for successful long-term relationships.

Operational Efficiency / Process Improvements

Kofax enables seamless data integration between systems, paperless processes and proactive customer communications to serve customers—not push paper—as well as reduced processing times and dramatically lower costs.

Risk and Compliance

Regulations have multiplied exponentially since the financial crisis in 2008, and banks are spending billions of dollars annually on compliance. Leverage technology with flexible, rules-based workflows that allow NAB to quickly and easily adapt to regulation changes and updates, and be more resilient to unexpected global disruptions.

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