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If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, you might be wondering if it’s all, well, hype.

Far from it. There’s a reason it holds the No. 1 spot in Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020.

Let’s take a closer look.

The What and Why of Hyperautomation

Let’s face it: RPA alone is not enough. True business transformation requires governance, insights and capabilities beyond rules-based tasks—from content capture and data injection to process orchestration to advanced analytics that inform business decisions.

According to Gartner, the approach is “an effective combination of complementary sets of tools that can integrate functional and process silos to automate and augment business processes.”

Basically, hyperautomation is about combining the right technologies in the right order at the right time—and quickly automating as many business processes as possible.


of enterprises will have RPA "buyer's remorse" due to misaligned, siloed usage and inability to scale by 2021 1


of RPA-centric automation implementations will derive their value from complementary technologies by 2022 2


of enterprises will integrate AI to assist employee productivity by 2021 3

What if You Could…

Improve Customer Experiences

... by using automation to deliver rapid and personalized services

Achieve Operational Excellence

... by blending human and digital workers to create an agile and efficient workforce

Hyperautomation is a game-changer: It moves beyond simple task automation and includes an integrated technology roadmap that’s essential for helping organizations chart their process automation journey. And by converging digital workers and human talent, the modern enterprise can seize the opportunity to differentiate, disrupt—and deliver.

Take a deep dive into the business benefits of hyperautomation by watching this webinar.

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How Can Kofax Intelligent Automation Help You Achieve Hyperautomation?

Kofax was the first to bring an Intelligent Automation platform to market by combining patented-AI technology out of the box with advanced automation capabilities to transform more complex business processes and accelerate time to value.

The Kofax Intelligent Automation platform empowers organizations to rapidly identity and automate business processes:


Process Discovery

Identify automation opportunities from analyzing patterns and tasks


Business Process Management

Build and run automations in collaboration with your applications and people

Circuit Board


Perform repetitive manual actions efficiently across web interfaces and business apps



Understanding, classification, and extraction (text, chat, voice, and visual)


Digital Workforce Management

Advanced support for security compliance, scale and audit

Increase Graph

Advanced Analytics

Measure automation impact and calculate ROI

Your Hyperautomation Journey

Take our intelligent automation assessment to identify data-centric and manual processes ideal for hyperautomation.

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1 Predicts 2019: RPA Evolution, Gartner

2 Predicts 2020: RPA Renaissance Driven by Morphing Offerings and Zeal for Operational Excellence, Gartner

3 Gartner Predicts 70 Percent of Organizations Will Integrate AI to Assist Employees’ Productivity by 2021